About Us

“Benefit from excellent customer service, every time”

Sabel Cosmetics was orinally set up by John Abel following an 18 year career with Crestol which ended in redundancy when the business was sold. John had close relationships with many of Crestol’s customers who encouraged him to set up himself. They subsequently moved their business to Sabel to benefit from the same high service levels and competitive prices they had come to expect. His daughter Stephanie joined the company in 2006 and worked as a Director until 2015, helping him to grow the business and develop it into other areas. His son, Simon Abel, joined in 2012 and is now Operations Director.

Today, Sabel still operates from its original 30,000 ft2 Halifax site and employs 23 full-time and up to 60 temporary contract workers. It serves a wide range of customers across the UK.
Alongside the company’s core business, Sabel also produces its own range of formulations on hair care products.

The company prides itself on being able to provide excellent customer service, which is probably why many of the customers have remained as long as they have. We are happy to show potential customers around our facilities so if you are looking for a new supplier, call us on 01422 366400 to discuss your requirements and arrange a visit.